Is The Blue House's Month-long Program a coworking space or an accelerator?

Update: After two pilots, we've decided to turn the Month-long Program into a 10-day residency. Read why here.

After working in a French accelerator, chatting extensively with Adventurous Startups working in remote areas, and working myself in the Moroccan surf town of Taghazout, we had an idea of what startups could get from working there, and how we could help them enhance their experience.

We also knew that it wasn’t going to be a regular accelerator program or a coworking space, and that it had to last at least one month.

Co-live and co-work

The Blue House's Month-long Program is a place where startups can escape the big city noise. It’s a relaxing, reenergizing place where you can focus on your startup, leave your comfort zone, and gain perspective. Discover here what American startup Chui gained from working for one month in Taghazout.

It’s also a place where you can work with other startups in an environment that has been thought out for you. The Blue House’s main room has regular desks, standing desks, white boards, sofas, and free tea and coffee. But we know that a startup team needs more than a desk, that’s why we also have a meeting room with a coffee place vibe, a balcony dedicated to quiet reading and work, and a terrace to take breaks and socialize.

This is where the room with the desks will be when we open in March

This is where the room with the desks will be when we open in March

To ensure a healthy mind in a healthy body, we also organize daily yoga or meditation session, to reset your brain, gain perspective, and get ready for another day of work, and good local meals prepared by our cook, to get all the energy you need.

So, in that sense, we are a coworking space.

But startups will also be living in The Blue House, making us a coliving space. This helps blur the line between the work time and the downtime. What we’ve seen is that in a relaxing place such as Taghazout, intertwining work time and fun time actually helps with disconnecting. There, some people like to work for three hours in a row, take an hour break for reading, and resting, and then get back to work, a good way to increase productivity during work time.

Another advantage of living together is that it will help you get to know - and strengthen - your team, and the other startups, better.

But we’re definitely more than a coliving or coworking space.

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Ok, so, we do not invest in startups, bring in dozens of mentors per month, or teach business plan classes, like most accelerator programs, yet we do have some accelerator traits, primarily that we work with cohorts of startups.

We believe that everyone of us can learn a lot from other startups, especially if they come from different countries, facing different issues. The goal of our program is to help you help each other.

Every batch begins with the startups setting a goal to reach by the end of the month, and writing it down on the white board. Every week, the startups will sit down together to share what they’ve been up to the past week, celebrate what they’ve achieved, analyze what they have failed at, share their plan for the upcoming week, and get a chance to receive feedback or tips from the other startups.

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During the week, The Blue House team will be there to guide startups, answer their questions, connect them with whoever, among The Blue House and its network of experts in Europe and Africa, will be best suited to help them.

It’s not because we don’t believe in a mentor-driven program that we don’t believe in bringing in inspiring people. Every Friday, we’ll invite inspiring people over for dinner. Those people will be chosen on their capacity to inspire the entrepreneurs to try new work techniques, to push their boundaries, or gain perspective on a topic. They are yogis, professional surfers, entrepreneurs on the road, social entrepreneurs, and much more.

So yes, we are an accelerator, but we focus on accelerating a startups growth by helping them enhance their work routine and vision rather than their business skills.

Paradise Valley, a perfect day trip to relax during the weekend

Paradise Valley, a perfect day trip to relax during the weekend

Give it a sec

This program can only work if you give it some time.

First off, it starts with two full days of surfing, and exploring the area to get everyone familiar with each other, take a break, get into the local rhythm, and enjoy the fun part of being in Morocco before getting into the work program.

Having a few weeks also helps finding a really time-efficient routine, exploring new work styles, as well as really bonding with your team and gaining as much as you can from the other startups.

Finally, one month means four weekends, which is really what you need to become a decent surfer, explore Marrakesh, and the Moroccan coast, or go for nice hikes in the mountain.


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