At some point I let myself slipped into a work-only mindset.

I had to fund, renovate and open the new house of our startup getaway in Morocco — The Blue House — and everything felt like a time-sensitive, urgent, death-or-life situation.

I stopped reading, I stopped listening to the radio, watching movies, skyping my friends and exercising. Anything that wouldn’t bring immediate results was not welcome.

It was one of the poorest decision I’ve made.

Starting to take breaks again just reminded how much better I work when I pace myself and listen to my body’s needs.

Resuming my 7-minute morning workout was like a daily energy recharge. I remember how powerful it was to start the day feeling energetic, to have a body work seamlessly without any back pain or sore knees.

But what really got me back to my creative, productive flow was reading.

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