Have you ever seen someone in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign? Their eyes are red, their hair is grey, and their skin is Twilight-white. There’s no denying it: doing a crowdfunding campaign right is one of the most exhausting things a startup can go through.

Now, what if there was a solution to make this painful, but exciting period easier, and more productive?

Some startups have been trying a new technique: they’re moving to a secluded house to focus on their campaign, in the hope that they won’t be distracted by big city life and that working 24/7 will be easier to deal with in a better environment.

Ten days before starting their pre-sell campaign, Valencia, Spain-based startup Glassy Pro, a smartwatch for surfers, moved to a house in French surf town Hossegor with the objective of getting everything ready for the big unveiling: communication, tools, PR strategy, etc....

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