Why you should move your startup to a small fishing town

We decided to open the Blue House because we believe entrepreneurs don’t have to work in crowded cities, looking at the rain from their sun-deprived offices; they can, and they should, work in places so magical they could be on the cover of travel magazines, even if only for a couple of weeks.

For the last five years, I’ve worked in airbnbs and gardens all around Europe, under an umbrella on a beach in Senegal, in cafes in old Arab medinas, and more. As a reporter and a heavy traveler, I’ve met many entrepreneurs who’ve done the same. They all came to the same conclusion: working from alternative places helps productivity and creativity, and fosters happiness. At the Blue House, we like to call those startups 'Adventurous Startups'.

With my co-founder Amin, we’ve decide to share that philosophy by opening a house that makes this way of life more accessible to startups. Here are some advantages of becoming an Adventurous Startup. Spoiler: it’s not just about posting awesome pictures on Instagram.

You’ll work in the best environment possible

Any entrepreneurs from London, or Paris would agree that having to take the subway everyday, dealing with the rain and the grey skies, and interacting with angry commuters does not put you in the most productive mindset. On the contrary, getting a good dose of sun, and vitamin D, and being surrounded with relaxed and welcoming people helps being in a productive mood.

You’ll be more focused

Getting far away from your family, your friends, and your startup scene allows you to focus on your work and avoid the temptations of having drinks, or going to yet another networking event.

Living close to the beach, and surfing or doing yoga, also helps decompressing after work, and avoiding burnout, and therefore staying productive, believes Jonny Miller, co-founder of Maptia, who worked from the Moroccan surf town of Taghazout.

You’ll start thinking like a startup

Traveling with your startup is a good way to develop the kind of thinking you need to become a great entrepreneur, believes Joel Gascoigne, CEO of Buffer. The “jump on a plane” mentality helps you get rid of fears, and be more adventurous and ambitious, while living with your life packed in a tiny case helps you ship fast, and takes risks.

You’ll find the craziness inside you

When you live in an environment you’re not used to, and experiment things you’ve never done - say riding through Ho Chi Minh City on a scooter, understanding how someone from Hongkong thinks, or bargaining in Morocco - you are pushed out of your comfort zone, and forced to reinvent yourself, think different, and always be prepared for everything, a few things entrepreneurs are well advised to do.

You’ll meet amazing people

Thanks to your unusual story and your different culture, you’ll get to meet many curious entrepreneurs, whether in your new city, or back home. Not only will you gain a new perspective on things, but you will also network in a much more productive way.

You’ll get out of the startup bubble

When leaving a startup-saturated neighborhood, you open yourself to meeting people who are not from your culture or from the startup scene. And that’s for the best. This is a perfect occasion to reconnect with a broader audience, and get a new perspective on your product.


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